How Do I Book a Home?

Our site provides a searchable database of homes within our network.  Simply find your ideal spot, send us an inquiry, and we will connect you with the homeowner.  You then book direct, allowing you to avoid exorbitant booking fees.

I’m a vacation rental homeowner. How do I join the network?

First, you have to be eligible.  To become eligible, you need to contribute to our core mission of providing vacation getaways to needy families.  Our customer service can help explain your options for doing this.  This does not always require you to make your house available.  Some of our members help in other ways to make vacations possible for those in need, and some make donations to other charities that are in line with our core mission.  Give us a call so we can discuss how you can get involved.

How do I nominate a family for a vacation?

We are always looking for families who can benefit from our core mission. Do you know a family that has experienced an illness or injury and might benefit from a vacation? We’d like to hear about them. From a simple weekend away, to a longer vacation, our network members are eager to make a difference in family’s lives. Drop us a note with a brief description of the family you are nominating (yes, it can be your own family). We’ll take a look and see what we can do. Send inquiries to:

Where are your rental houses located?

Our Houses are currently in the Pacific Northwest, most in the state of Washington.  We are hoping to expand that area soon, so stay tuned.