We know a vacation is more than just booking a destination. The things you do on your vacation can make memories that last a lifetime. A nice dinner, a great round of golf, maybe an adventure outing like zip-lining; these are the things that can turn a good vacation into a great one. Of course, that all costs money.

That’s where we come in. Other vacation rental websites charge huge booking fees, sometimes twenty to thirty percent. That can be hundreds, even thousands of dollars. We charge no booking fees. You will see the cost of the rental and the charge for cleaning. There may be a slight upcharge if you use a credit card, but you can often write a check to avoid that if you prefer. When you book the stay, the State and Local taxes will be added on, but that’s it.

Consider the Vacation Angel Network your secret resource for a discount stay. You’re making your vacation better, while you help us make the world better. Everybody wins!